Tuesday, March 22, 2011


From Wisconsin to Ohio politicians have successfully played the magician by diverting our attention away from the real issue. There are other viable sources of income to assist in balancing the budget. Instead they have successfully pitted the middle class against one another. I have been appalled at the venomous attacks we are inflicting on one another. We find ourselves swinging away at our friends and neighbors, and for what benefit I ask? In any line of work those who do less than the rest can always be found. However, on the whole we the middle class all work hard, whether in a factory, small business, farms, educational institutions, or police & fire departments. This nation has been built upon our backs.

I propose that we have not asked the right questions. Instead we have allowed ourselves to be blindly led, and are now engaged in middle-class warfare. We are in fact letting the politicians pull the wool over our eyes, while they continue to protect big business and their own pockets. Yes, our governor has little incentive to pick his own pocket, so why not wring more from those who already do the most... the middle class.

Let's wake up and stop throwing punches at one another. Let us not allow ourselves to be hoodwinked any longer. Let us collectively speak up and demand a better solution. One based on data and the facts.