Saturday, October 06, 2007

Increaslingly we are trying to define and create acronyms for technology users. For example the word Newbie or Newb has been use for some time. I have taken the liberty of coining new terms to describe those who use uqiquitous devices.

Uud (u-ud)– skilled daily user of ubiquitous devices. Either grew up using devices or gravitated towards their use. Age independent.
NUud (nu-ud) – someone new to ubiquitous devices, a newbie. Still learning or not very good at using the devices.
GUud (gu-ud) – someone who is a power user and has to have all of the latest ubiquitous devices. An early adopter, or geek.
RUud (Ru-ud) – someone who in non-techie, avoids or refuses to use digital ubiquitous devices. Out of the loop, or a luddite.